Live Life

“Many people die at 25 but aren’t buried until they are 75.”

One of the greatest lessons I learned from my mother was quite simple: live. So many of us are not living; we are just merely existing from day to day. We rise into each morning with discontented hearts and an unsettled peace.
Though we cannot control everything that happens, we can control who and what we invest our time into.
If there are things you want to try- we should do it. We should place ourselves in positions to receive those things even if it requires saving for it. If there are places we want to go- we should book it. People we’ve been meaning to talk to…call them.
If I don’t know anything else, I know that we were created to live, to love, to rise in our Light every single morning. Often times we think we are stuck and we are not. We just have to convince our minds that we were created for something different and as our mind set changes our actions will follow.
Be patient with yourself but let’s make sure we are living and we are being loved by people who want the same. Happy Sunday. 💗
~ LaKeysha Hallmon

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