My Latest Lesson


So this morning, I walk out my front door.  I fully expect to glance to my right  and see my enemy/educator, the spider.  And I do, but also directly in front of me is another web with another spider.  It’s not quite 6am.  The sun is not up.  There are two spider webs, one of which is blocking the direct path to my car.  And I am ticked.  Cursing in the dark is  not the best start to my morning.

Last week. I decided to let Spidey live. I figured heaven sent her to teach me a lesson.  But my willingness to learn from her ended the second she bought in a co-teacher.  it took one phone call, and the co-teacher is gone.  I expect Spidey to meet her maker very soon.

But just like any good teacher, her lessons will continue long after she’s gone.  So yes, I need to persevere.  Yes, I need to have my ear inclined to the voice of God, so that I’m not being foolish in my attempts to build.

Arguably, though her most important lessons were her last.

Be vigilant.  What you’re expecting to see may not be what  you get.

If you can avoid the mess , do it.  No need to walk through the web if you can walk around it.

Extend grace to all but know when to cut your ties.  I have Spidey a chance.., but I will not be taken advantage of.   I let her crash at my place, and she invites a friend to move in, without even consulting me.

Let your husband handle it.  There are things I can do, but that I don’t want to do.  I am grateful that my man is willing to handle the creepy-crawling things (and people) in my life.

Mama Radford

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