It’s Never Too Late…


They met under abnormal circumstances; online. He was the one to make the first move. He sent her a note saying he had seen her profile, and she had piqued his interest. He told her about himself not giving away too much, she thought he was being vague and he was hiding something, but he was a cutie pie and used proper English, so she responded.

She didn’t understand why he hid himself; although, he was hiding his true self she was too taken with him to even ask why? He was careful with his words, he was careful period, but she found him very intriguing and was fascinated with this man. Her initial thought, however, was one of validity – she knew he wanted her to be an open book; he even made her feel that way, but she never revealed too much taking a page out of her last chapters of failed relationships, the only thing that she constantly questioned was what is he hiding.

At first, she thought there’s no way this man wanted to get to know her. She’s not the most beautiful, nor is she a size two, but she’s witty and has a smile that would melt the evilest of hearts. So she carried on…even though her heart says this is too good to be true.

“Hey, girlie, are we still on for drinks?”

“Oh, yes! I can hear those margarita’s calling my name!”

“Ok, let me grab my things,” her best friend at work said. It was funny to her how Devin would always say that. Although it was true, she still didn’t find it funny. She had a few “best friends,” but she didn’t find it necessary to have the distinction. As she packed up some papers and her laptop her phone rang; she saw his face and smiled really big.

“Hi!” She said trying to be cute.

“Hi back at ya…so how was your day,” Bernard asked her?

“It wasn’t too bad, I think my students are finally getting what I’ve been trying to drill into them for the past two weeks.”

“That’s great, they are fortunate to have you!”

“Aww, how sweet, thank you for saying that.”

“I only speak the truth,” vaguely she thought, but truly she’s never thought he lied to her – her Spidey Sense was extremely sharp when it came to such things. “So I wondered, ah, I’m going to be in Savannah next week, and I was hoping to see you.”


“I know we’ve just met, and, yes, you’re scared, but I don’t usually play around with my feelings and especially not my heart. Will you just think about it? Just the weekend, ok?”

“Bernard, umm, sure.”


“Sure, just send me the info.”

“I can do that. I’m just a little surprised is all.”

“Yeah, me too,” she said and laughed.

“You’re giving me life right now! I know this great little spot that I’m sure we’ll be comfortable at.”

“Ooooo, really? I have never been to Savannah, so this should be fun.”

“Yes, it’s a beautiful little city. I love when my route takes me through there.”

“Well, I’m getting excited as you talk about it.”

“That’s so great. And before you worry,” he says knowing that she’s a worrier. “We’ll have separate rooms.”

Giggling, she said, “Oh, ok…well, thank you for that.” At this point, Meredith had no idea what to say or do. “Hey, I saw something the other day about your company and how they are expanding in South Florida.”

“Oh, yeah, but I don’t know about that.”

“Why, South Florida is beautiful!”

“Yes, but you don’t live in South Florida.”


“Bernard,” she said his name softly which only made him smile. “There are a lot of things we need to discuss, but I don’t want to do it on the phone.”

“I know, and I do understand. You jot down your questions as you think of them, and I’ll do the same…all your questions – ok?”

“Ok,” she responded having written down damn near a book of questions – many she’s almost certain he will not answer. She sat there listening to the breeze in the background knowing Bernard always drove with his window cracked. He told her it’s one thing he loved about the road hearing the breeze blow. She knew he was a romantic, a lover of natural things, but she had no idea how deep it ran. Clammering to find out, she wrote another few questions about his love for nature and where a New Jersey boy fell in love with it. “So, I, ah, have a few papers to grade, can I call you later?”

“Now, you know you can call whenever.”

“Yes, I know,” she said glad she knew he’d take her call anytime of day or night.”Ok, until later!”

“You betcha, babe!” After Bernard hung up, Meredith sat at her desk in her classroom and watched the streams of water flow down the windows. One thing she loved about living in Florida was the rain in the “winter” it was as much semblance of the cold weather she ever wanted. She enjoyed the life she had in Florida, and relished the thought of ever leaving it.

But Bernard was moving fast, too fast. He knew what he wanted, and she was it. It never dawned on her that had she seriously thought of it, she wanted him the way he wanted her – that’s what scared her.

to be continued…
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3 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late…

  1. This first part did not grab my attention. I liked the picture and the title was a great teaser but the blip you get to draw the author in just wasn’t there for me. I’m reading the other two as well to see if that changes.

    Writing style was neat and articulate. I did get confused temporarily on who was inviting who to Savannah but otherwise very clear, just didn’t draw me in on that first post which is the clincher.

    Liked by 1 person

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