The Kryptonian Konspiracy Pt 4

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“Yrt, I mean…General Zod”, Noc began, “I understand why you went to the Council, but we were friends back on Iod. We HAD to escape. Surely you can’t fault us for that. We thought that you had perished when you did not meet us at the escape pods.”

Turning his attention away from Lona, which was a positive sign, General Zod addressed his former friend, “Noc, I don’t expect you to understand, even though you say that you do. What I DO expect you to grasp is the gravity of carrying on a relationship with the wife of another man. On Iod, this is a crime punishable by death as you very well know. However, considering that you also fled our fair country of Iod with MY wife,…if there were a fate worse than death, you would surely be chiefly eligible for it.”

“BUT General”, Noc started, “surely you can’t blame us for leaving! It was OUR plan, remember? All of us! WE were going to overthrow the government. Hell, it was YOUR plan in the first place! You had to convince us that this was the right course of action! And when we finally get to the place of enacting our plan, YOU betray…”

Noc was cut short by a swift, cutting backhand from General Zod.

“You presume to speak to a ranking officer in such a curt manner?” Zod muttered with a sneer. He wiped the blood from Noc’s nose from his gloves onto the jacket of a nearby soldier.

“What you don’t understand, Noc, is that I alone am fit to run Iod. Under my leadership, Iod is destined to become the greatest civilization the stars have ever known.” Zod took a few steps toward Noc until his mouth was close to Noc’s ears. Once there, Zod’s mouth curled into a sinister grin, and he whispered,

“I played all of you fools against one another. I wanted to win, so I stacked the deck in my favor. The only mistake was not killing you sooner. Now, I intend to rectify my mistake. Oh, and by the way, I hope you haven’t been trying to have a child with my wife. I made sure it would never happen years ago.”

Zod stepped back, staring into Noc’s blank face, supremely satisfied that he had said all that needed to be said. He looked at Lona one last time ,and he felt that fondness return. However, this time he used his iron will to choke off those memories and any sever any emotional connections that might betray his show of strength. He had loved her once, but her betrayal could not be overlooked.

Zod’s voice turned cold as he turned from Lona back to Noc. Finally, he turned his back to his old comrades and muttered  to his soldiers as he rushed by, “Kill them.”

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