My Latest Lesson

Every day for about a week, I have knocked down the same spider web.  There are two things you should know.  First, I am afraid of spiders.  Secondly, I am a mother.  Mommies sometimes pretend we aren’t afraid, even if we are.

So every day after work, I usher my kids into the house, grab a rake and knock down what appears to be an empty web.  But every morning before sunrise, as I rush to my car, I walk past this LARGE spider sitting proudly in the middle of her web, in exactly the same spot.

This morning I decided I had had enough.  As soon as I was sure he was awake, I called my husband and told him to spray the spider and the web with insecticide as soon as he got home from work.  He argued that the spider wasn’t bothering anybody, but I eventually won him over. This spider’s mockery of me would end tonight

But by the time my husband sent me an email that he made it to work safely, I had changed my mind. In the time it took my husband to drop the kids at school and get to work, I realized that this spider is trying to teach me a lesson.

I have a problem though.  I cannot be sure exactly what the spider is trying to teach me.   My first thought is that the spider is teaching me about perseverance.   I feel like she is saying that no matter how many times she gets knocked down, that she will get back up and rebuild.

But then I think, what if this is a lesson on folly? What if I’m the spider and God keeps knocking down what I’m building in hopes of getting me to move?  What if because of my own comfort and stubbornness, I keep doing the same thing in the same place? What if I’m annoying the Master as much as this blasted spider is annoying me?

Anyway, Spidey will live to see another day or two…at least until I figure out what exactly she is trying to teach me…or until my father-in-law sees how close the web is to the front door.  Then she’s  a goner.

Mama Radford

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