What’s Happening Wednesday’s: Total Failure

Today was one of those days.

You know what I’m talking about.  You sleep through the alarm.  You run into the worst traffic on the way to the office.  You spill hot coffee on your laptop, killing both your caffeine buzz and your productivity.  You forgot your lunch, and left your debit card and the rest of your wallet at home on the dining room table.

One of those days…

But all those little fails pale in comparison to the look of disappointment on a loved on face when you fail to meet their expectations…

So imagine the utter shame I felt when I look at the calendar and realize it’s Wednesday… And my lovely writeaddiction family has nothing to read.

So it’s 12 hours late, and hastily written.  There is no flowery language.  No little quips about my crazy kids.  But it is done.   Not a total failure, which I’m counting as a success today. Mama RadfordF pic

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