Transformative Thursdays: Making Room for More

Transformative Thursdays: Making Room for More

I’m continuing on this journey of “spring cleaning” and getting rid of junk in our lives.  We all have some degree of useless things in our lives that add nothing to us.  Any many of those things actually take things from us.  Just as you would clean out your closet and get rid of unwanted clothes or clothes that no longer fit, we must also get rid of those things or people who are only a liability.

No one wants to end up in jail because they were guilty by association.  No one wants to find themselves in a loveless marriage because they settled for someone who wasn’t the best “help mete” for them.  We are a product of those we surround ourselves among.  If you don’t like what you see, change who you are around.  The most effective way to grow and get to the next level, is to be in the environment of those who are already there.  Find a mentor or someone who is doing what you want to do.  Ask questions.  Learn how they did it.  Take what you learn and apply it to your life and your dreams.

When you get rid of the junk (people who constantly bring you down, negativity, those who have no goals or direction, etc.), you make room for more. Think about all the time we spend rehashing conversations or arguments that we cannot change.  How much time do we spend around friends who only use us for their needs?  Think about all the time we spend going through the clothes closet and having to pass over all the junk we no longer wear.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier and faster to get directly to what we need?  That’s what happens when we get rid of the unnecessary things.  You make room for new relationships and connections that open doors for God’s best.  You open yourself up to receive.  Follow these simple steps to put you on the path to making room for more!

Step One: evaluate where you are

Step Two: assess who/what is a liability and only subtracting from you

Step Three: make plans to get rid of the liabilities

Step Four: be consistent in getting rid of the “junk”

Step Five: get ready and expect to see more in your life

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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