What’s Happening Wednesdays: F-bombs

F picThe fear of failure keeps so many of us from even attempting greatness.

We say to ourselves, ‘I’d do XYZ, but what if I mess it up.?’  ‘What if I fall on my face?’ Those are darn good questions.  They are things that should be considered before taking a risk, but I think we should rephrase the questions.

The bible, my favorite book, says that a just/righteous man falls seven times, but that he gets back up.

So what, then if we asked instead, ‘if I fall, how do I get back up?’ Or, if I fall how do I do so gracefully.

i believe failing is a part of life, but so is dusting yourself off and trying again.  I believe that you don’t ultimately fail until stop trying.  I believe that each failed attempt gets you a step closer to your goal.  So let’s keep shooting for the moon.  So what if we miss by a mile or two? Would it be  so bad to hit a cloud?

Just a thought.

Mama Radford

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