Thinking About Recycling a Worn Out Children’s Book? Read this first!

Here’s a good, inexpensive way to preserve great books that have been over-loved!πŸ˜€ 
1. Grab a batch of plastic page holders and an inexpensive one-inch three ring binder (with plastic pockets on the front and back) from your local Walmart, Costco, Dollar Store or other discount retailer. 

2. Carefully separate the pages of the book (use scissors if necessary). 

3. Slide each page into a plastic page holder. 

4. Organize the pages in order and insert them into the three ring binder. 

5. Place the cover of the book in the plastic pocket on the front of the notebook. 

6. Slide the back cover of the book into the plastic pocket on the back of the notebook. 

7. Store your renovated story book where it is easily accessible and available for many more hours of reading love!πŸ˜€

~ Dr. Marta

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