Transformative Thursdays: Cleaning Out the Junk

We’ve all heard of the term “spring cleaning”.  It’s usually the time of year we go through our closets and clean out what we don’t need or when we do a thorough house cleaning.  Who has time to clean baseboards any other time?  Who wants to face the reality that those size 4 jeans are not going to fit anytime soon so we should just give them away?  Spring cleaning is not just for clothes and houses.  It’s also for your soul—your mind, will and emotions.

We all need time to search our mind and see what we frequently dwell on.  The Bible tells us that whatever we spend time meditating on, is what we will eventually see in our lives.  If we meditate and think constantly on negative things (something bad is going to happen to my children, my spouse is going to leave me for another person, my purse is going to get stolen, I’m going to lose my job, etc.), eventually it will happen.  Once thoughts are dwelt on long enough, they become words and are released into the atmosphere.  Whatever is spoken will eventually manifest.  On the other hand, if you constantly reflect on good things and expect good things to happen, they will.  You will begin to speak what you are expecting to see.

We also need to search our will.  What are our desires?  Will they benefit us?  Are they selfish?  Will they help others?  Are they in line with my purpose?  Our desires will eventually drive us to do something.  Healthy desires will drive us to do healthy things.  Unhealthy desires will drive us to do unhealthy things.  If you watch the Food Network all day, eventually, you will begin to have desires to cook or at least eat.  Even if you don’t have the desire to cook the delicious and simple recipes they are showing you, you will begin to get hungry and desire food.  Eventually, that will lead you to get some food or get in the kitchen and cook.  Either way—you are fulfilling a desire that started from merely watching TV.

We also need to search our emotions.  What is our emotional state?  Do we harbor unforgiveness for something that was done years ago?  Have we forgiven the relative that mistreated us as a kid?  Are we still hurt from a bitter divorce?  Do we hate a co-worker that got the promotion we thought was ours?  Are we upset at the pastor who corrected us, and we chose to be offended rather than get better?  What are your inner thoughts?  Although we can hide them from people, we can NEVER hide them from God.  He knows what you are thinking before you even voice it.  So it’s time to get real and deal with our heart and emotions.

Rather than wait for spring, go ahead and allow some time for spring cleaning of your soul.  Evaluate where you are.  Don’t stay in denial.  Deal with the issues and release the junk.  Once the junk is removed from your life, you can think clearly and accomplish so much more.  On top of that, you make room and position yourself to receive God’s best and something new in your life.  Don’t settle for any more junk in your life!  Happy Spring Cleaning!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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