Kryptonian Konspiracy Part 2

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“In the beginning, Krypton was not the Krypton that you have heard about. The tales make it seem like this technological hub of everything right, that ended in a very literal blaze of destruction. In the beginning, Krypton was not Krypton. Krypton was not even where Krypton was actually located. It was colonized by a small group of rebels on the run from rampant tyranny of a planet called Iod. Those first 7 rebels, 4 men and 3 women,  escaped and landed by accident on an abandoned planet. What they found were hollowed out structures overtaken by weeds and wild vines, but also laboratories buried deep underground. These first 6: Noc El, Riya Od, Saram Zija, Dep Ram, Lona Tram, and Ak Ao were the brightest minds of Iod, but also the most militant. Lead by Yrt Zp, they had overtaken the government, with intentions on giving the power to the people of the plant, but just before they could complete their takeover, they were betrayed by Zo, who figured out how to use the confusion caused by the rebels to stage a coup in the government council.. They had to flee before they realized their success.

Finding an inhabitable world, with remnants of some kind of brilliance was a boon for their survival. Within months, they were growing sustainable foodstuffs and cultivating genetically engineered animals to support their need for variety. In the meantime, as is the norm, bonds began to form, specifically between Noc El and Lona Tram. Back on Iod, Lona had been married to Yrt, though it had been an arrangement of convenience rather than one of love. When the six of them came together, and Lona met Noc, an instant connection formed. On Iod, it was custom for any man who infringed on a marriage to be put to death immediately, and thus they kept their interactions to a minimum. However, finding themselves on a vacant planet was just the incentive that they needed, not to mention the fact that they had been betrayed by Yrt. With no one to stand between them, their relationship flourished and they soon were married in a private ceremony.

Things in the colony progressed well for a time. The colonists took notice of, and observed everything that they could, writing in depth journal entries to be sure to be able to compile as much information as they could. They studied the wild animals and plant life. They noted meteorological patterns, shifts in climate, and weather cycles. Over a 24 month period, they explored the entire planet, leaving no cavern or nook unexplored, and they learned to love it there. For all of their learning, however, their new home was not without issues. Soon after landing, the colonists discovered the probable source of the lack of life to inhabit the planet. Meteors would rain down onto the planet, leaving ruins and detriment in their wake. Depending on the patterns of the 5 moons orbiting the planet, the waves would either reach tsunamic proportions, or drift harmlessly onto the shore, before retreating back into the oceans. They learned quite a bit. There were some near death events, but they survived. The colonists also discovered that the atmosphere must have caused some biological and physiological changes to their basic genetic structures. Each colonist noted how much longer they could work before becoming tired, or how quickly their hair and nails grew compared to the conditions on Iod. The most disturbing change, however, was that there was no way to have children. Particularly for Lona and Noc, this became problematic, but not having a child would soon become even less of a problem than they thought.
Even without children, the colonists were busy. Riya and Saram had both been chief engineers back on Iod, and it took them very little time to decipher what had been left of the instructions at key locations. They were able to restore the power grid. Once they had successfully done this, they were also able to develop shields around their camp to guard against the meteor showers, which kept them safe from the wild animals who roamed at night. Slowly, but surely they were able to make advancements and ultimately, their access to the labs allowed them to begin experiments to help further their work. Noc began spending time with Saram in the main laboratory working on a secret project that would ultimately ensure their future on the planet. What they really did in those labs, though, is still a sore spot of consideration in Kryptonian lore.”

By Justin Belt

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

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