My Strength

Talking to family first thing on Saturdays is such a delight for me. My cuddie blessed me this morning when something she said made me re-evaluate a saying many Christians are quick to use. 
“The Lord will never put more on you than you can bear.” 

I can imagine that while those words are usually meant to be an encouragement, they can leave someone a little wanting when they are struggling through a situation. The reason I can take comfort in these words is: 

1. Nothing is too hard for God.

2. I place my faith and trust in God; therefore,

3. God won’t put more on me than I can bear because I lean on Him for my strength.

Basically, God stands with us to accomplish the great works He put each of us here to do. We’re not sent out to work in our own strength. The God directed, purposed work of this world is far beyond what we can accomplish on our own.

I’m not making a persuasive argument, I’m sharing what I know is the source of my strength and peace, what keeps me fighting the good fight everyday.

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