What’s Happening Wednesdays: Made in Missouri

Let me first begin by saying that family is important. My family is very important to me, but I don’t talk to my blood family back in MS very often. I call my mom once or twice a week, and we may talk for a few minutes just to catch up. We never really go longer than about 20 minutes. I think if I called more, muy mom might think that something is wrong. That’s just how we are. I rarely call my sisters or brothers. I send messages to my dad. I text with my biological father. There’s is just not that need to be close in proximity, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other. We would do anything for one another. It is just a differing family dynamic than someone else, say my wife, is used to. My wife’s family is very close. They get together and they just want to stay together. It is a little uncomfortable to me when we are all together, but she knows that, because she knows how my family is.

I want to talk a little bit about my other family though. My Missouri family. When God moved us here, we didn’t know what to expect. We just knew that we were being obedient to His will. 8 years later, I can look back and see that God had people here waiting on us to arrive. Over the years, we have met people who have cried with us when things have been bad. We have had people lift our arms for us when we were entirely too weak. We have had people encourage us when we were dismayed. People have stepped up to support me when I was fired from 2 jobs. They have refused to let us go down, but are constantly standing in the gap for us to be and do better. My Destiny Church family has been the family that I talk to about problems and struggles. They are the ones who have an unwaveringly positively fondness for us. My Webb City JR. High family has been behind me from day one, and continue to offer every kind of support necessary. Our family has invested in us. They have made us better.

I wish that I could share with you all the stories of what we have seen and experienced as one of only a handful of African- American families in a majority white area. It has caused me to look at racial issues differently, and from a broader context. I look for God in these sensitive matters more than the identification by culture. It has changed me into someone who can be a better leader, husband, father, servant. We are constantly around and loved on by people who look differently from us, yet only look to our hearts and see the same color..red, as in the blood of Jesus. it is refreshing.

So today, I salute my family. You all matter to me, no matter how we are related, whether by blood or by “THE BLOOD”. I am who I am because of you. Thank you.

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