What’s Up Wednesdays: The Literati Lounge

Students, students

Lend me your ears.

I come to encourage your hearts,

And speak life into your souls.

Not to crush your dreams beneath a slithering, slimy

Avalanche of educational jargon and standardized tests.


I teach because I care about your lives.

This is not about content, and simile smileys,

Metaphorical speeches spoken loquaciously, and

Aggressively..but beautifully.

This is not about finding irony in the firehouse burning down.


This is about you changing the world. Yes.





Which makes me your Obi Wan, or Yoda,

Or Martin, or Malcolm, or Medgar,

Because I’m spending my time and non hypothetical dimes

To save you time and heartache, and heart break..

And show you the very doors that you need to blast down!

This ain’t about a grade, cause regardless of what the government says,

Defining you should not be as easy as A, B, or C.

D problem is that you’ve been ao conditioned to being held within chains,

That even while i stand with the keys in my hand, your blank stares aren’t registering that

You are Free At Last!

I wanna walk you down the path from what could be to what WILL be.

And with that,

Welcome, welcome

To Mr. B’s FanTABulous 8th grade ELA Class.

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