A Morning Reflection

The Bible has some pretty cool tools for helping us work through many issues and situations. As I read this example this morning, it caused me to reflect on my own behavior. 

I am not naturally patient.  I practice patience and often fail at it horribly. I’m driven by an earnest desire to help others and get things done in this time I have been allowed. But God wants me to be patient, so that is my call to pray.

I felt another sting about the “insisting on my own way”.  I’m a natural born leader. People like handing over responsibility to me to get things done. I enjoy the work, but nothing annoys me quite like being in a group where someone else is in charge and NOTHING is getting done. I fight the urge to take control because (1) I can’t do everything or be everywhere; (2) taking over other people’s responsibilities takes time away from the things I WANT to do; (3) I understand that people can only improve their leadership skills by having the opportunity to lead, even if they fail at a few tasks.  Prayer and the counsel of a few extraordinary code friends helps me to keep this urge in check, but it’s always with me.

Can you write your name into Corinthians 13:4-6?

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