Transformative Thursdays: The Beauty of Change

Most of us conjure up negative images when we think of change. We think of having to unwillingly give up something we like or being forced to try something different. It might be fear of accepting a new position at work or trying contact lenses instead of glasses.  Whatever the case may be, change can be a beautiful thing and is a necessary part of life. It allow us to grow and stretch. It allows us to gain a new perspective. It forces us to make a decision to embrace the change or resist it.

I like to think about the process of metamorphosis that a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. No one likes to think of themselves as a caterpillar–after all, they crawl on the ground and are weird creatures. On the other hand, we all think about the beauty of the butterfly with its beautiful colors and patterns, not always realizing the pain it went through. The caterpillar must go into a tiny cocoon where it loses its freedom and ability to crawl around.  It now lives in a small, protective place that quickly becomes its life source.  Eventually, the caterpillar has what it needs from the cocoon and is ready to become a beautiful butterfly.  It has wings.  It can fly!  We too, can be as this beautiful, soaring butterfly experiencing the fullness of life.  We too, will experience change which forces us to grow and stretch.  Yes, change can be difficult and not always comfortable. But it has great rewards if you embrace it.  What will you do with your opportunity to change?  Will you see it as an opportunity to grow, learn and experience something different or will you stay in your cocoon afraid to experience something different? Will you remain on the ground as a caterpillar experiencing less than God’s best?  The choice is yours–life is much better as a butterfly!

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