What’s Happening Wednesday’s: Without Borders

I tend to compartmentalize my life.  Everything fits safely in it’s own little box.  My work life is separate from my home life.  My church life is separate from my PTA life.

I literally have separate folders for each of my activities.  It’s how I manage the chaos.

I hate when the lines are blurred.  If it does not fit squarely into one of my little boxes, I’d rather not deal with it.  Today, I heard a couple songs that spoke to my spirit about the boundaries I’ve set for people and things in my own life.

The first song was an oldie but goodie.  “I Know My Redeemer Lives” by Nicole C. Mullins has been a standard on Christian radio for many years.  It talks about how God set the boundaries for the ocean and set a place for everything.  It is testament to the sovereignty of  God.

The second song, Oceans, by Hillsong reminded me that the borders and boxes I have created may be keeping me  from trusting God.  I have created my own trusted systems, instead of trusting in the Creator of all systems (world).  I hope this song speaks to you, as it has to me.

Mama Radford

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