What’s Up Wednesdays: Welcome Back to the Literati Lounge

I’m slowly working my way back into this poetry thing. Hang out a while!

Wherefore art thou brother?

Pants sagging, bragging about baggin the new J’s?

Man, please. Rubber necked, and double minded..

Side eyeing success and blessing messy mess,

Causing stress and distress, cause you deny that you’re the best.

You hate your bright light and blame society…BUT.

Doesn’t the responsibilty of redeeming myself lie first inside of me?

Well, the media says we’re doomed, and the police? Another excuse.

Black Lives Matter. Tis the truth, but the crux of the juice that we keep drinking, BROTHER

Is that our self on selves abuses rise as high as Babylon,

And instead of leading the charge, we’re hiding in Sodom, being as brittle as pillars of salt

blown away in a weak wind!

Wherefore art thou, brother?

Where are your degrees and businesses and words spoken to the masses,

Challenging the littles to get up off of their..wait…can’t say that

But where is the song? Free at last ain’t no t-shirt.

Our forefathers feet STILL hurt,

Yet we trample on them daily.

Where is your drive? Where is your crown, King?

Why are you continuing to let our families keep drowning?

Why aren’t you infusing this reality with creativity?

Why aren’t you reflecting God nad showing the world a new memory?

Wherefore art thou, dreamers?

We have more than enough schemers.

This malaise has me looking at you like, “Geez, bruh!”

I see through you. I am you. I bleed you.

But, I need you. They need you. He needs you. She needs you.

You need you. So be true.

Quit letting Sharpton and Jackson fight your battles.

Wherefore art thou, brother?

Stand up.

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