Racing Astronauts – Part 8


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(Author’s Note: I recommend listening to Stephanie Mills’ “Home” as you read this segment.)

Claudia awoke with a slight sense of displacement.  She looked over and saw Devon soundly asleep and snoring as was his custom when he was really worn out.  Thinking back over last night and the wee hours of this morning, she smiled at the role that she’d played in his current state.  Usually one to wake with the sunrise, Claudia felt slightly out of character as she climbed out of the oh so comfortable bed and after making quick use of the facilities, rummaged around in a few drawers to find something to wear and went in search of her children who she was sure had to be stirring by now since her watch was telling her it was 10am.

The house seemed eerily quiet.  Far too quiet to have five other active bodies in it.  She made her way into the kitchen and saw a note posted on the brand new stainless steel refrigerator in her mother’s handwriting.

Kids woke up restless, tried to wake you with no success. Your father and I decided to take them over to Indianapolis and show them off to a few of our friends. Y’all have fun, sounded like you were off to a good start when I got up for my 3am bathroom break. Consider getting some soundproofing. 😉


Mom and Dad

“I have the most audacious parents in the world!” Claudia said to the empty room, a little sad that she wouldn’t see her motley crew for awhile and wondering what she was going to do with all of this free time.  She decided to start by getting a good look at what Devon and the Welcome Committee had gotten done. 

Wandering from room to room she could see that someone in the group had taken charge of coordinating how things were unpacked and they had more than a novice’s eye.  Walking into the great room her eyes danced with delight when she saw that the old piano was still where she remembered it in the corner near the sliding glass doors that led out to the back patio.  The urge to sit down and play almost overwhelmed her but she didn’t want to wake Devon.

Making her way up the front staircase, she thanked the Lord again for giving her the push to ask for this house as a part of the job negotiation.  Memories began to rise like a flood in her mind as she reached the top stair and turned to walk down the hall.  She was going to have the chance to raise her children in the same house she’d grown up in.  Tears began to run down her face as she made her way to the room at the very end of the hall.  Devon had placed Lizzie in this room last night and Claudia was glad for it, but now in the light of day she knew she had to walk into the room and face what was waiting for her on the other side.  Squaring her shoulders and wiping away her tears, she reached for the door handle and pressed her way forward.

To Be Continued…

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