Sundays with Stassi: Island Lessons Pt. 1 (Week 1 edition)


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  1. My apt can NOT have a beautiful view…especially if I have an early morning class. Waking up to the beauty of the sea that stretches far past the horizon or the mountains with houses tucked into it’s side, does not allow for the thought of productivity to enter into my mind.
  2. Fresh fruits/veggies is probably all I can afford. My first grocery store visit came with the hard reality that I have to completely change my eating habits…but then again…that has been the plan anyway. I have been reading all about the need to eat less processed foods, so being on the island will help with that because the price tag on processed foods does not seem to fit into my food budget. Luckily, there is ton of fresh fruits and veggies around so I guess it’s time to knock the dust off of my juice & blender!
  3. One-way streets may or may not have signs…it’s a guessing game. Yeah this whole driving on the left side of the road thing is not so bad, but my problem appears when I need to turn off of a “main” road! I almost died, ok that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I turned and the car behind and the people on the street were waving and shouting at me.
  4. Even the locals don’t know their way around the hillside LMBO! A local colleague volunteered to take me to see an apartment. Well, on the way I had to call the landlord to get directions and we still were lost! I thought my lost journey in the hillside as because I am a newbie, fresh off the plane. However, several people have told me that they do not know their way around the hills. I feel better!
  5. Locals WILL stop in the middle of the road to talk with friends. Pay attention to the road!! Distracted driving can not occur on the island! Looking down for a split second at text messages, to change the music station, or even to look at directions may result in you barreling into the back of the sudden stopped Jeep in front of you. I can totally see me stopping in the middle of the road to greet a friend…when I find some on the island.
  6. Who wants to waste time on laundry…when all else fails, just wear swimwear to work. Well, the top kind of a floral tank top so it did not really look like a swimsuit, but I would have never even thought of that if I had ran out of clean clothes in Arkansas. I visited the “big” K-mart (I have to save that for a later blog!), but then I decided to just wear what I have!
  7. Since, we are on the topic of swimsuits…I need more swimwear…I mean I have 3 different bikinis and 2 one pieces, but I am completely surrounded by water so I feel like I should have more! I feel like I should have a complete 7, one for each day of the week. I mean I can have “work wear” to wear under my clothes to work and even “weekend wear” specifically for snorkeling on the weekend.
  8. Island time has its benefits. This whole island time thing has probably been the best transition so far. I have been on such a time schedule all of my life, so being able to relax that just a little has done wonders for my sleep schedule. No one is in a hurry to get anywhere and I LOVE it!
  9. Maps is my friend…even if most places don’t actually have a real address. The maps app on my iPhone has been a blessing to my life. People have tried to give me directions (they just use landmarks around here), but that doesn’t work if you do not know the landmarks! Being able to pull up an “approximate” location has worked thus far for me, besides most people are friendly enough to direct me to the specific place if I get close enough.
  10. This is my home now, I don’t have to cram all of the touristy stuff in within a week’s time. Everyone keeps asking if I have been on the beach, or if I have been to this place or that place…I know I am a homebody but I also realize that this is a new place for me and I am going to need things to do when I am completely moved in. So, for now I will continue to prepare for my move and enjoy the amazing views and put those tourist attractions on hold.
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