Shattered Mask (Part 5)

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“It’s not looking good, Ms. Reece.” Kaidence hated her lawyer. In the last four months, he had remained formal. “The jury sees you as unsympathetic. You’re going to have to seem more contrite.”

Kaidence rolled her eyes, “Oh, I’m sorry alright. Sorry that I ever hired you. How dare you let them keep me in this awful place?” After Detective Brass called her bluff, Kaidence immediately “lawyered up.” She had contacted Joseph Jennings, Esq., the top criminal attorney in Dallas. He agreed to take her case until the press got in involved. The Cold Chameleon Murderer – that’s what the media was calling her.  Jennings feigned an urgent matter and deferred her to one of is so-called stellar partners. But so far, the only thing Ben Schiffman was stellar at was being mediocre. He failed to convince the judge to grant Kaidence bail, he was presenting a less than stellar performance in the court room, and now he was sitting here telling her to be more contrite. If she wasn’t already facing first degree murder, she would have killed him.

Ben slid a piece of paper across the table. “The district attorney is offering you a deal. All you have to do is tell them where the body.”

Kaidence ignored the paper. She set her cold eyes on the attorney, then waited until her shifted with discomfort, “All you have to do is cast reasonable doubt.” There was no physical evidence tying her to the crime.

“They will convict you, Ms. Reece.”

“Without a body? I’d like to see them try.” They would never find poor Bruce Logan. Just like the police in Louisiana never found Gus. They would never find any of them.

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