What’s Up Wednesday: Welcome to the Literati Lounge

The Literati Lounge is an idea that I had a long time ago for a coffee shop/ poetry cafe. It has always been a dream of mine to have something small and intimate like this where artists of all kinds could come and share their work, whether novice or professional. There is something so soul cleansing about being in the presence of those who share the call of your soul to tap into the creativity inherent in everything about our world. I’m going to share some of my own poetry here. It might be good. It might not be, but the essential part of this exercise is that these poems are how I relate to my world. It is frequently grammatically incorrect, starts and starts in fits and bursts. In this way, it is much like my mind. So, grab a seat, order an espresso, or another drink of your choice, and step up to the mic! You’re on!

“Time Capsule”

When the annals are opened.

When the annals are opened, and

Our time is reviewed and persued by

Those who come after us…IF any come after us…

What will they think about our sensibilities and our

Frequent lacks of common sense, and our

Hatred and disregard for the basic rights of humans to exist in peace?

Will we be defined by a flag coming down? Is that the new Brown vs the Board of Education?

See, I think that my nation has veered so far off course that the magnetic poles have shifted..

Heading South is the new due North.

Of course, with so many issues on congressional dockets,

Lobbyists and Senators steadily lining their pockets,

I figure that I should use my soapbox to spit these stanzas out

And just rock it my own way.

Martin and Malcolm, JFK, and Medgar…

Is the “Dream” still a dream, or is it teeming quite literally on a collapse

Into these jagged cliffs and caverns where the annals of history

Simply become


When the annals are opened.

When the annals are opened, and we are reviewed under the watchful eye of


Will we be found guilty?

Or will guilt even be found?

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