What’s Happening Wednesdays: Seeking Sanctuary


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There is a time and a place for everything.”

I’m often reminded of these words when I want to tell some self-righteous somebody about themselves. Sometimes I hear it in my head, along with several curse words I’m trying very hard not to say. I think it when someone I love has just unknowingly broken my heart, but my emotional response might make matters worse.

There is a time (Sabbath) and a place (Sanctuary) for everything.

I keep trying to separate the two. I keep trying to find my happy place, without setting aside the actual time to explore it. In doing so, I find myself wasting both time and effort…and both the sanctuary and the Sabbath remain just outside of my reach.

There is a time…

Is there anybody who doesn’t want just a little more time? I mean, they wouldn’t have invented a snooze button if no one ever asked for a just a few more minutes of sleep. Who hasn’t asked for an extension on a deadline or prayed for just a few more minutes with a loved one? Who hasn’t hoped for just one more day?

And yet time is finite. The 24 hours per day that we are each allotted is all we get. And so many times we let those valuable seconds slip through our fingers.

In my search for sanctuary, I must first grant myself the time to seek it. Yes, there is laundry to put away, books to be read, rooms to clean, bills to pay…and all the other things on my mommy to-do list. But if I let those things sap away at every single second, there will be nothing left for me, and worse than that is the inevitability of there being nothing left of me.

In my quest for sanctuary, I must honor the time that I have been given. For me that means focusing on one task at a time, something that has proven to be quite difficult for me. I am easily distracted (Squirrel!). My trying to do two or more things at once generally leads to one or more things being done haphazardly, which in my mind is the equivalent of doing nothing at all.

So in my quest for sanctuary, here are a few things I am going to do to free up some time.
1)Write it down. Everything that needs to be accomplished in those 24 hours God is giving me is written in my planner. If it’s not important enough for me to write down, it might not get done.

2)Start early. The longer I wait to do something, the more I dread it. The more I dread it, the less likely I am to get it done.

3)Focus. Multi-tasking is not for me!

4)Put the phone down. Facebook is the biggest time suck of a generation, more so than TV. Hell, half of us are facebooking about what we’re watching on TV.

5)Be Flexible and have fun. Schedule changes and interruptions are bound to happen. So when the baby dumps all 32 oz of my water mug on the floor to make herself a little baby pool, I can laugh, maybe even splash a little myself, before I clean her and the floor and get back to whatever task was at hand.

My quest for sanctuary starts with honoring the sabbath space in my life. I’m way overdue. If I do say so myself, It’s about time!

Mama Radford

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