Making It Work Monday: Reality Check

Alright folks, I know you were probably expecting to see the next two installments of “Honor Thy Father” and “Racing Astronauts” today but I must confess, I’ve logged about 2,300 road miles visiting family and friends over the last 10 days and I’m still pretty full off of the amazing fellowship that I have just experienced.  So, I thought I’d try something different today.  I’ve gone back and “enhanced” most of my previous entries for both of my current stories with links to music that helped inspire those particular sections.  It’s a little trick I picked up from one of my literary sheroes, Beverley Jenkins.  I LOVE these artists because they inspire me with their musical stories.  I’m going to continue adding music to future segments so I hope that you like it.  In fact, if you do, drop me a note in the comments section of the blog.  We’ll get back to the action next week with both story lines, I promise.  Just click on the links above and navigate thru each segment to find the music that is matched to that part of the story.

~ Marta

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