Racing Astronauts – Part 6


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“OMG, Devon, but how did you…the house is unpacked?” Claudia stood in the vestibule staring at the spotless order of her new home completely flabbergasted.

“Shhh…you’ll wake the kids up,” Devon said and motioned for the troop to head upstairs to the bedrooms.  He whispered, “I’ll explain everything after we put them down.  I even have dinner for everyone if you’re hungry.”

They installed each of the kids in their new bedrooms before empty a few essentials out of the van deciding to leave most of the unloaded for the morning.  Sitting around the kitchen table, Claudia and her parents listened as Devon explained how the gang of young Wabash men and other community campus community members had come to help him unpack the truck and get the house settled.  Marilyn had to reach into her purse for some tissues she was so touched.  Lawrence was pleased that the tradition of caring for new members of the Wabash family seemed to be intact ad made a mental note to share his appreciation at his next board of trustees meeting.

“Mom and Dad, we even have the downstairs spare room set up for you so you don’t have to go stay at the Holiday Inn.  I thought you might want to stick close to your grandyoungins during your visit,” Devon added.

“Thank you, son, your mother and I appreciate that very much.  Well listen, I’m beat from that drive, so I’m going to turn in for the night since apparently my bed is only five steps away.  We’ll see y’all in the morning,” Lawrence said as he made his way to the spare room with Marilyn a few steps behind him.

After their parents left, Claudia and Devon rinsed off the dishes and checked all of the doors before Devon swept her off her feet and kissed her deeply.  “Lord, Woman, I missed you!” he said when he came up for air.  He proceeded to carry her into the master bedroom and whispered into her ear. “I’ve got another surprise for you, close your eyes.”

Her excitement shoved aside her exhaustion from the long road trip.  Claudia complied with her husband’s request and closed her eyes.  She could smell the sweet sent of roses and could pick out flickering lights even with her eyes closed.  A few seconds later she heard a door close behind them and felt Devon lower her onto what had to be the softest bed she’d ever had the pleasure of curling up into.

“Open your eyes, love,” she heard Devon say.  She was not prepared for what met her eyes.  The room looked like a stunning recreation of the suite they’d stayed in on that memorable trip to Rome six years ago.  She felt something silky beneath her fingers on the bed.  Looking down she saw a beautiful night gown.  Claudia turned and looked at her husband who was staring at her with such hunger in his eyes, she felt her entire body warm at the thought of what she knew was about to happen.  Right on cue she heard Marvin Gaye’s “Lets Get It On” start playing softly from somewhere in the beautifully decorated bedroom.

“I can see you don’t plan for me to get much rest at all tonight, Sir,” she grabbed the gown and slowly walked up to him and stroked one of her favorite parts of his anatomy through his jeans.  “Yeah, I think you’re about ready for me so let me go freshen up a bit while you think about exactly how little sleep I’m going to let YOU get tonight,” she then walked into the bathroom to try on her new gift looking forward to what the night would bring…

To be continued…

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