What’s Up Wednesday: A Voice of Truth

First of all, I’d like to issue an apology. A couple of weeks ago, I implied that I would be starting a new series based on my experiences in summer school, but when I went to try and actually write the story, I encountered a horrible case of writer’s block that has lasted up until now.  I have since broken through, and while I wait on the development of my next series, I will just post a filler. Again, I apologize. It happens! The good thing about a collective like this is that there is ALWAYS something phenomenal to read.

I admire my Pastor. Admire is probably an understatement. I honor him, and look up to him, and find myself striving to imitate him as he imitates Christ. What I admire most about him is his willingness to speak the truth in love. This past Sunday, while the firestorm of debate raged over social media and beside water coolers over the SCOTUS’ decision to allow homosexual marriage across the whole of the U.S., my Pastor stood in the pulpit and calmly, unemotionally, spoke a truth that convicted every heart in the building. He spoke about the fact that while we should love every sinner, be can not love the sin that God hates. He even said that if the day ever came where he was required by law to perform marriages between homosexual couples, he would quit performing marriage ceremonies altogether. Over the course of his message, he really pushed the point that not one of us is perfect, so rather than excoriating one, he reminded us all that we all are in need of God’s grace daily.

I’ve heard and seen many responses to this issue, and while I have not publicly given my view on the issue, my Pastor spoke to the real heart of the issue. I would urge anyone to give it a listen. Here is the link.

Enjoy, and God bless.

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