Havana Sundaes: Nosey Nurse (06/21/15)

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The Story:  Many of my kinfolk, including my precious grandfather swear by the fact that Vinegar is a cure all. More specifically, they would often treat high blood pressure with a spoonful or two of white vinegar.

The Deal:  It’s important to me to discuss this old wives tale because I feel I was robbed of my grandfather because of it. He was told to lower his blood pressure it was best to take vinegar and he did.  Right up until the day he dropped dead of a massive heart attack.

While many health benefits have been pinned on vinegar and there have been studies done there is very little evidence of the lasting benefits to ingesting vinegar.   While one study showed that ingesting vinegar can eat away at consumed fats and prevent some of the fat and cholesterol  from being absorbed that contributes to hypertension it does nothing beyond that and does not take the place of healthier eating, exercise, and seeing a physician regularly.

The Truth: It is better to speak with your doctor about alternative medications and do your research on proven benefits.  Also, understand that heart disease is an irreversible process as all diseases are that can have its progression slowed but not reversed.  Vinegar may help but its not repairing anything.




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