Shattered Mask (Part 1)


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Kaidence sighed with disgust as she pulled another employee file from the stack. She had requested that her assistant provide hard copies with ID badge photos attached so that she could comb through each to see who would stay and who would go. “Whoever said being bought for millions by a major company was the dream, lied,” she said. Her voice echoed in the empty conference room. Kaidence Reece had managed to turn her grandmother’s recipes into a profitable small business that snowballed into an almost-household name. Nancy’s Notable Sweets started in her kitchen and in five years she had three stores in two cities.

After reading the exact same line on the same page for the umpteenth time, Kaidence gave up. She stood and stretched and saw that it was a little after eleven o’clock.

Perfect, she thought.

Twenty minutes later, she sat alone at a bar. This was the first time she’d been to this establishment. Kaidence made a point to never visit the same one twice. She had traded her modest business attire for a pencil skirt, four-inch heels, and a silk blouse that showed enough of her mid drift to remain tasteful.

“Hello, beautiful,” she turned around to see an average guy, wearing an average suit. He probably had an average job and lived an average life. She knew she was out of his league. Kaidene smiled.

“I’m Bruce,” he introduced himself. She extended a hand, “Hello. I’m Mya. Please, join me.”

Let the game begin.

To be continued…

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