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Mrs. Reynolds, your husband’s heart stopped. You have my sympathy.  The attendant will situate the room so that you can seen him.  Again, I am deeply sorry.”

Mom speaks in a soft tone and extends her hand.

“Thank you doctor for what you have done.”

John stands.

“Yes, thank you sir.  We truly appreciate . . . we . . . um. . . thank you.”

John walks over to mom and sits.

The door opens.  Beth and her husband enter the room.  Hopeful expressions on their faces.

“Lisa? Dad? Mom?  John?  What?

I open my mouth but nothing comes out.  I CAN’T SPEAK!  WHY CAN’T I SPEAK?  I HAVE TO TELL THEM.  THEY HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT DAD. I attempt to speak again.  Nothing.


I collapse to the floor screaming.

“NOOO!  NO. Not Dad.  No.  I can’t do this.  No.  WHY???”

Lisa remember what you have to do.  You have to cry later.  You have work to do.  You have to prepare dad before mom sees him.  Get off the floor. Get Up!  GET UP!!!

Tears flowing from everyone.  Everyone except Mom.

“I want to see your father.”

John clearing his throat speaks.

“Mom, They will let us know when you can see him.  We have to wait.”

Mom nods.

I walk to the door.

“I am going in first.  I need to make certain that things have been done properly.”

Beth, touching my shoulder. Tears streaming down.

“Lisa, let them do their job.”

“I have to do this.  John can go with me but I must go first.”

The room is cold. So very cold.  John pulls back the curtain.  I see dad.  He looks like he is just sleeping.  I know that he is dead.  I can’t resist.  The words come out.


I sound as if I really expect him to respond.

“Lisa, he is gone.  You know that.”

“I know John but I just had to call him.  He looks so. . . so . . . peaceful.  Like he’s just sleeping.”

“Come on.  Do what you need so mom can come in.”

I lift the cover and see what I expected.  Shirt cut straight down the center. Pants undone.  Stickers still there.  They only spread the sheet over him.  ALRIGHT GIRL.  GET TO IT.

“John.  We can bring mom in now.  He’s ready for her to see him.”

To be continued.



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