What’s Up Wednesday:That’s a Wrap!

I will finish the “It’s a New Day” Saga starting next week. For now though, I would like to reflect a bit. This is the last day of my second year as a teacher. I ask myself at the end of school every year a few questions:

1. Have i given 100% everyday?
2. Did I really make a difference?
3. For all the fun students have in my class, have I really done my job?

These questions haunt me. You never really feel like you’ve done enough, but at the end of the year, you just hope for the best. I often lament what I could have done better, but in reality, the true fruit of what we do as teachers manifests itself later on in life.

So….time to take silly selfies with students, sign yearbooks, and toss water balloons on unsuspecting kids from the roof of the building.

Schools out for summer!

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