It Matters How You Start the Race

Found this comic to be a wonderful snapshot of why it is so important to continue leveling the playing field so that all people have the tools they need to lived a fulfilled life.

Click the link below to view the full comic:

How do YOU think we can best address the inequities of our current societal structure?  Should we change?

One thought on “It Matters How You Start the Race

  1. As it shows, the foundation of generosity and/or selfishness is taught at home. If our children are not receiving a foundation that teaches them to care for their fellow man and refuse the urge to be selfish then we will continue to have people who refuse to acknowledge the TRUTH about where they ascended to in the work force. Also, the type of friends that we have matters greatly in this process. It is always great to have that ,kind of friends that keep us grounded. HUMBLE IS THE WAY!!!
    Malinda G.


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