Transformative Thursdays: Getting Unstuck Pt. III

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Getting unstuck requires a realization you’re stuck and then a willingness to do something about it. It requires finding your passion and going after it. It requires pushing past the naysayers and being your own cheerleader. Getting unstuck requires focus and determination to see it to the end. Focus is having a clear path in sight and not allowing anything to divert your attention. Focus is the opposite of being distracted. Distractions come in many forms and rob us of accomplishing our goals in the most effective way. Social media, bad relationships, laziness, inability to say “no”, and wanting to please people are just a few things that will quickly thwart your purpose and get you stuck. You’ll find yourself never getting anything done.

Determination is another key that will keep you from getting stuck. Many times, we set off to accomplish a goal, but we give up because it gets too hard or takes too much time. Rather than seeing it through to the end, we stop. Without determination, you will always stop short of your goal. My dad used to always tell me, “See it through until the end. Don’t give up too soon.” Usually at the point we give up, we are closer to the end than we know. Don’t quit. Keep persevering.

Now is your time to shine. It’s your time to go for it! It’s your time to finish what you started. It’s your time to see it through. It’s your time to be focused and not distracted. It’s time to get unstuck and go after your destiny! Someone is waiting on you to fulfill your destiny so they can fulfill theirs. Get up, continue in what you started and stay on course!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

One thought on “Transformative Thursdays: Getting Unstuck Pt. III

  1. Seeing it through until the end was my theme for today. I’ve been wanting to further my education for years, now and kept putting it back for different reasons. But today, I PUSHED myself to go to the dean’s office at the local college that I want to attend to finish some courses. There were several reasons why I could’ve talked myself out of going ; my age, my medical condition, the weather, and the list goes on and on. So, today, I made the 1st step in obtaining my goal and pursuing my dream. All of a sudden, others things started to fall into place. My mindset began to change .


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