Havana Sundaes: To Ducky With Love (pt 3)

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Hello my ducky,

This week is the week you met your father and heard his voice for the first time. Isn’t he cute?  He loves you very much.  I am sure there will be pictures of his adoration to fill your keepsake box. I hope to bring you back a cute little onesie or dress or toy to symbolize this trip where Daddy and daughter met the first time.

I will keep this short as I’m sure this Sunday will have been a long and arduous one but there will be pictures to follow I’m sure. Try not to laugh at your very awkward parents,  God has blessed neither of us with social graces or trendy style.  I am hoping some will be granted to you by the angels because it is NOT in your DNA my dear. Clumsiness, intelligence, kindheartedness, and stubbornness have been in spades however!

I wonder what features you will have from each of us? Forgive me for my boldness but being of Afro Caribbean descent I hope you get your father’s butt and your bosom from your aunties.  Your mother has little of both!  I hope you have my smile, it is what your father fell in love with, and my lips. I hope you have my fingers and feet as well but I fear mine will only serve you slightly better than your father’s.  He has fat and flat feet and they are the spitting image of your abuela’s!  I love your father’s feet but they are far better suited to a man than to my little ducky.  Besides, my hands are my greatest asset and I can be vain right (Yes, because it balances your self image). I have nails that most women pray for and long straight fingers great for writing(Oh I hope!) and musical instruments.  They also will serve you well as a nurse carina but no pressure there. We each must find our own path and nursing is only one strand of your mother’s pearls.

(YAWN) I am exhausted for now.  I will see you next Thursday my love!

Su Madre

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