Transformative Thursdays: Getting Unstuck Pt. II

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Being stuck is uncomfortable and frustrating. When you become stuck in life, it’s uncomfortable, frustrating and stressful. Getting unstuck requires taking personal inventory of yourself. What do you enjoy doing? What are you passionate about? What keeps you moving? What stirs you up? What can you do 24/7 and still enjoy it? What can you do without pay and still do it because you love it? These are indicators of areas of passion.

Following your passion always leads to fulfillment and rewards. We get thrown off course when we follow money for fulfillment or money for rewards. The money will come when we operate in our passion and use our unique skill set. I know many individuals who took a leap of faith and started doing what they love from their home or a basement and it turned into a successful business in which they are doing what they love. I think of my friend Rocquelle Devine who discovered a passion for cooking gourmet meals on a budget and began experimenting and perfecting her passion. Within a few years, she has published a cookbook, teaches cooking parties around the country and gives private cooking lessons. She didn’t allow fear to keep her from pursuing her passion. Check her out at

Eight years ago, my husband and I started a teen mentoring non-profit organization (The Exodus Project) which has served over 100 youth. It started as a desire to rescue at-risk teens from the perils of living in underexposed and impoverished communities in Mississippi but has grown to include high-achieving teens because of the standard of excellence that has been set. The Exodus Project has traveled all over the country from California and to New York and several places in between and has assisted many teens in finishing high school and going to college. It all started with a desire to help teens. We didn’t have a building or money in a bank account but started with what we had. One teen grew to 5 teens which grew to 50 teens. Ultimately, the rewards came because we had the courage to step out and pursue a passion.  Check it out at

Don’t allow the naysayers to discourage you or tell you what they believe you cannot do. We are created to do big things. We are only limited by what we fear. Fear cripples and paralyzes even the best of people. Don’t get caught in its trap. Step out of the boat. Take the plunge and trust God to have your back.

What’s the next step? Take a personal assessment of your life…your skills, desires, dreams and passions. What do they all have in common? Find an area that aligns these components and GO FOR IT!

Join us next week as we continue this discussion of Getting Unstuck!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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