Scholastic Saturdays: No es facíl

This post is in tribute to my mom.

Ten years. Ten years is a lot of time and yet as we age past our early 20’s, ten years can go by quickly. Ten years ago I graduated from my bachelor’s degree. The ceremony was in early June and close to my mother’s 52nd birthday. That day she walked across the stage with me, in her regalia, as an invited professor.

A lot as changed since then. I went off to graduate school and got my master’s degree. I got married married six years after my B.A. I started my doctoral degree, and my mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. Now, ten years since 2005 I am graduating for the last time. My mother will not be in attendance. She will not get to walk across the stage with me. All I can say to this reality is one of her catch phrases “no es facíl”. Its very fitting and very true, its not easy. I know she would be proud of me. But, no es facíl. Ten years. A lot can change in ten years. A lot has changed in 5 years. As I walk across the stage tomorrow morning I will carry my mom’s dreams for me with pride. I will stand up straight. I will make her proud one last time, even if she can’t remember my name, and even though her disease has robbed her from herself and from her children and grandchildren. I will strive to be all that I can be, for her, for my siblings, for my family, for my friends. I will be the next Dr. Mont as a living symbol of her legacy.

Así es la vida…no es facíl.

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