Havana Sundaes: To Ducky With Love pt 1

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Dear daughter,

You should know you were a dream in the making since I was very young and the one person to enter my life that I’ve been anticipating for decades. I knew your first name seven years ago as I wrote it for the first time.  I only waited for the rest to fill itself in.

I knew you would be a little girl because that is what I asked God for even if I could only have one. “Boys are easier.”  They said but I have cared for a pack of boys since a very young age.  I wanted a new experience, a special journey with you.  Do not be fooled by the overwhelming number of boys in your family.  They are treasured for sure but our family’s backbone is of the female persuasion.

You descend from a long line of strong, independent women, of unique beauty and an array of colors, shapes, and sizes, each one powerful in her self reliance. I want you to know them all so you understand that you are worthy to stand among men and take your dreams.  Never slight yourself or the strength that emblazons your DNA.

You and I will learn together your father’s full history, his too is rich. He is a private person who holds on to his history like so much fine gold and jewelery.  You can ply it from him though sweet girl. With your mother’s smile, inquisitive nature, and the strings to his heart he will tell you great stories.

He has great plans for your greatness and we both will work hard to give you the life we dream for you.  We will be strict at times, I probably more so than your father, but only to teach you my strength, never to break down your spirit. There will never be two people that love you more than your well seasoned parents and we will defend you against a very harsh world until you can defend yourself.

Love always,

Su Madre

2 thoughts on “Havana Sundaes: To Ducky With Love pt 1

  1. It is amazing that you are doing this. Think of how touching it will be for your daughter to read these when she is older and know that you were talking to her long before she drew breath.


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