What’s Up Wednesdays: A New Day, Chapter 2, pt 1

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Chapter 2: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

They watched her from the shadows with great curiosity. There she was on her knees, screaming loudly for anyone to hear, but they knew. They knew that there was no one to hear her. There was no one.

“She has not reacted as the others”, a voice whispered.

Other voices murmured in agreement, and sets of red eyes peered even harder at this human. They observed Athens, and even as they knew everything about her, in this moment of watching her grief, they realized that perhaps they knew nothing at all. After all, they had been her neighbors, classmates, even her relatives for as long as they could remember. Even as they shared one collective consciousness, many among them splintered off into new concepts as they felt the power of her grief radiating around her before diffusing, unknown to her, into the atmosphere around her.

“This isn’t the first time that we have observed this emotion” one said.

Another replied, “Yes, but this one…Athens is different. Her color is as unique a response as we’ve seen yet.”

Still another voice came through, “Yeeesssssss, sssssshhheeeee is strooooongeerrrrrr than the otherrrsssss.”

The group agreed in unison, and then they knew what must be done.

“We have taken her home, her family; she is alone. Part two of the protocol must commence immediately!”, came a stronger voice.

By their silence, the collective agreed, but yet their process was broken by a single voice peircing the quiet.

“It will destroy her. We can’t!”

The stronger voice came back forcefully in replying,”We have known this day would come since she was born. We have begun the process of her awakening. To stop now would mean certain disposal of everything that we are. You have voiced your objection, but we move ahead. Athens must be broken….

because Athens is one of us.”

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