The only thing guaranteed in life is change.

We have heard this phrase often and yet many, I believe, do not truly understand the power of this statement.

The weather report may call for rain and yet we may wake to a sunny day.  Our schedule may call for morning meetings but they could all be cancelled.  Our children may have school and we wake to find them with an illness that requires a visit to a physician.  You get the point?

Frustration and stress are factors in our lives because we hold fast to the myth that we can make plans that WILL NOT CHANGE.  Well, sometimes life makes other plans for us.  It is wise to make plans but remember they are merely outlines of how we HOPE our day will go.  Life is like a flowing stream.  Sometimes we know the direction in which it goes but debris can get in there and change its’ direction. Over time the path errodes from the power of the water which creates a new path through which the water must flow.  So, in order to avoid unnecessary stress, write that OUTLINE in pencil but remember that the ONLY thing GUARANTEED in life is CHANGE.

Keep those umbrellas and shades handy for whatever comes.  HAVE A SUPER DUPER SATURDAY!!!!!

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