A New Day – Part 3

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Chapter 2: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

“Wake….up, Athens”, came a soft voice.

“No more sleeping. Time to wake…up, Athens”, came the voice again.

Athens stirred stiffly; her eyes slowly opened, watching the blotchy, fuzzy patterns in front of her take on more focus and clarity. She was on the floor. Her muscles hurt, most likely from tensing during this last “episode”. She stood on uneasy legs, and had to brace herself against what was left of the floor as a bout of light headedness threatened to take her down. Looking around the room, or what was left of it, Athens took a sharp breath as she noticed the sheer amounts of light flooding into the room. Of course, this kind of thing tends to happen when the room and walls of a room are gone.

Athens noticed the curious thing about this destruction was that there was no destruction at all. It was as if whatever happened felt bad about the mess, and came back with a broom and dustpan to clean up every ounce of debris. There was not an ounce of crumbled sheetrock to be seen. There were no visible signs that anything had happened, only the intense light that glowed almost white down onto Athens, causing a very dramatic shadowed effect.

The voice…..what was that voice?”, Athens thought. It had come so softly, feeling as if there were someone physically in the room with her, but alas it had been wishful thinking. There was no one, and as such, Athens was all alone.

Yet, something in the air told her that this was not really true…..

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