The Twelve – Part 2

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St. John’s by-laws required that the search committee consist of at least 5 people, and that it should include all the ordained deacons, the chairman of the trustee board, the Sunday School superintendent and the church clerk. Tradition, however, had added an associate minister, a Sunday School teacher, and a representative of the motherboard, to the committee.

There were eleven people on the committee when Rudolph Jones was hired as the pastor of St. John. During his tenure, he had buried one deacon, but ordained two more. The next pastor would have to be chosen by these 12. Rudy laughed to himself at the irony. “Jesus chose his twelve, and it certainly wasn’t these folk. Lord, Help.”

Rudy looked at the clock on the dresser, then glanced at himself in the mirror. He wished he didn’t have to put on a tie that morning, but pastoral decorum required him to dress the part. He played with the idea of showing up to the seminary in his sweatshirt and jeans, but decided he had ruffled enough feathers with the other ministers in town. He picked up a conservative blue tie, and his suit jacket.

He kissed his wife, and kicked at the little fru-fru dog she insisted on getting. He opened the passenger door of his black Lincoln and threw in his tie and his suit jacket. He decided to put them on when he got to the school. There was no point in being uncomfortable on the ride over to the school, since he figured he was going to be uncomfortable enough when he got there. He waved at his wife as he pulled slowly out of the driveway.

“Lord, it’s going to be a long day,” he said, more to himself, than to the Lord.

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