Honor Thy Father: Eva’s Men


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Her first love…

Dr. Richmond Barnett is one of the most respected scholars in his field having overcome the barriers of the color line to pioneer breakthroughs in the treatment of mental illness, malaria, meningitis, gonorrhea, herpes and cancer. Feeling betrayed by his mind after his diagnosis, Richmond asks his daughter to keep his condition a secret from the world and to help him find a cure before he loses his grip on reality, a promise that results in Eva breaking off her engagement to honor her father.

The Love She Sacrificed…

Kingston Thorn never thought he’d have time for the family, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. Growing up in Southeast DC, he and his family fought for his opportunity to attend Howard University and graduate with his business degree. But when he met Eva during his sophomore year through a mutual friend, he knew he had to have her in his life. After a year of dating he asked her to marry him and promised both of their parents that they would graduate before they married.  So when the day after graduation, Eva sends him a letter ending their engagement and moves back to Arkansas to complete her residency, Kingston’s heart wants to follow her, but his pride won’t let him.  He instead takes a job with a Chinese venture capitalist firm in Shanghai and tries to lose his pain in his work until Starlight Industries makes him an offer he can’t refuse to return to the U.S. and help them rebuild their investment portfolio bringing him face to face with his ex-fiancé.

Tune in Next Week for more Honor Thy Father!

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