Honor Thy Father: Who is Dr. Evangeline “Eva” Barnett?


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Dr. Eva Barnett graduated top of her class in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University earning her MD/Ph.D at the age of 22.  Raised by her father since her mother’s death, Eva and Richmond share a special bond which is put to the test when he tells her that he’s been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s the day after her graduation from medical school.  To make matters worse, he swears her to secrecy out of fear for how he will be treated if his condition were made public due to the stigma tied to people suffering from his condition.  Rather than keep the secret from her fiancé, Kingston Thorn, a recent graduate of Howard University’s Business School and up and coming export-import investment specialist, Eva ends her two year engagement and dedicates her life to finding a cure for her father’s condition to honor her promise to her father.

Tune in Next Monday for Honor Thy Father: Eva’s Men

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