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“Coffee.  Must have coffee!  Do not look or breath in my direction until the caffeine takes effect. This will be your only warning.”  Mr. Green ignores three of his colleagues standing in line waiting their turn and makes a beeline for the fresh pot of steaming coffee.

“Hey Green, wait your turn Man!”

“Yeah, Green.  We were all here before you!”

Mr. Green lifts his huge coffee mug to his lips.  Takes a sip. Closes his eyes, sighs then speaks.  “Losers.”

As Green walks out the lounge door, Mr. Center, who is usually full of cheer, mumbles from his seat, “Bastard.”

Green turns quickly and retorts, “That’s right” and leaves the room. A hush falls over the room.  It suddenly lifts as the principals voice comes over the intercom.

“Good morning staff.  The buses are ready to unload.  Please go to your designated areas and receive your students.  Have a wonderful day.”

Mrs. Creech, a grandmotherly figure, stands, shuffles toward the exit, turns to face those of us left in the teachers’ lounge and says, “let’s move it people.  We have children to reach and children to teach.”  We all quietly make our way to our assigned areas.  Some smiling and some still cursing Green under their breaths.

My students and I head to the classroom to put away their things. “Let’s go fellas.  We have a great day ahead of us.”  I gaze at my nine young men whose learning capabilities vary like a can of mixed nuts. I quickly think to myself poor analogy Lucy.  “Let’s go guys.”

While lining the fellas up, Mr. Green startles me as he steps out of the supply closet.  “Morning Ms. White.  Ready for another Monday in the Coastal twilight zone?”  He makes a circular gesture around his right temple.

I have had just about enough of him and the day has only begun.  Forcing a smile, “Oh Mr. Green.  Don’t be so negative.  Today holds another chance for us to make a positive impression on a young life.”

God save us from the Greens of this world.  I am convinced that when it is his time to go, he won’t die.  He’ll just ‘nasty away’!  I continue to speak.  “These guys have never given me any problems that I could not handle on my own.  You’re just jealous that I have a good relationship with them and I really care about them.  You are just looking for a paycheck.  Oh, my.  Did I just say that out loud?  I’m sorry.  I forgot that you’re not use to having someone tell you the truth about your pompous unprofessional butt.  Bathroom break Gentlemen.”

Clearly by his clinching jaws I hit a nerve.  Making our way to the class exit, Green steps in front of me.

“You’re really full of it Ms. White.  Just pray your luck holds out because ‘LUCK’ is all it is.  Not skill. Your perfect record of no major incidents will end one day and I can’t wait to see that happen.  You think that you know it all when it comes to these kids.  Well, you don’t.  I’ve been teaching here for over ten years.  They were crazy when they came and they will be crazy when they leave. Nothing’s gonna change that.  Not even you.  You are only a support teacher and you better remember your place. Now, I have copies for you to make so don’t take all morning at the bathroom.”

I can feel the anger swell inside.  No White.  Don’t do it.  Don’t stoop to his level.  He will get his.  Don’t say anything you will regret or that can get you fired.

Seeing that smug expression on his face is more than I can stand.  “I know that you are only here for a check and could care less about these kids.”  Oh no.  I did it now.  He is going to have me written up and fired.  Just great Lucy.

That’s right baby.  $250 the fifth of each month like clockwork. Now hurry up!

…… more to come.

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