Havana Sundaes: Give Me My Flowers Now

When my cousin sent me an invitation to this group, in all honesty, I considered declining.  At the time I was bogged down working overtime with my job and taking care of my Mom.   I chose Sunday because that is the only day a dialysis clinic isn’t open.  Sometimes still it is rough goings but I am glad for whatever reason I chose to accept membership to Poets & Writers on Facebook.

Last week I told you that I do not write for a living, even as a means of secondary income.  Until this blog was started I hadn’t wrote outside of a personal blog chronicling my weight loss journey in eight almost nine years.  This is why, more often than not, I relate every topic to my life.   There is no objectivity in my writing and is the one thing I would like to challenge myself to going forward.   Fortunately, for those faithfully reading my weekly contributions I have a colorful life that can more often than not relate to a wide range of subjects.

I don’t have a favorite blog post.  Each one is keepsake of its own that I enjoy going back and reading to remind myself of the progress I’ve made.  If I have to choose one (which it’s part of the assignment) I would have to say it was my post from September 21, 2014 . I have posted a lot of things but this particular one came back to me and was reposted after my mother’s death. Why I picked this as a favored post is because I wrote it over a month before she passed away and she read it. She was always my biggest fan and I wanted her to know that Sunday, as we passed the six month anniversary since her having open heart surgery, that I was also hers. My mother was a warrior that I marvel at every day a little more. That day I wrote for all the people who doubted her over coming obstacles, the people that called requesting her last wishes before she ever went under the knife. Now, as we quickly approach four months since her passing, the post is a reminder that my mother is STILL HERE. All her acts of kindness, all her loving spirit, gave her an enduring imprint on all the people that love her. I pray with that post dedicated to her triumphs, somehow she was given peace in knowing she was a great mother, a great sister, daughter, and friend. As my grandfather used to say: “Give me my flowers now while I’m still here with you. Don’t wait until I’m dead and gone and can’t appreciate them.” Not only did I give them but that post lives forever on the world wide web.

Link:  https://thewriteaddiction.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/im-still-here/

2 thoughts on “Havana Sundaes: Give Me My Flowers Now

  1. Profound and wonderful. For me though, your blog “A Knock At Midnight” made me sit and think in ways I had never done before. It made me reevaluate my view of things (Objective vs. Subjective). Thank you, as always, for making me look at myself and perform a mental inspection. Malinda

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  2. Many people enjoyed “A Knock at Midnight”. It even gave Giraldo pause on just who he’s marrying. As I said, really I don’t have a favorite. I post and take a chance that someone gets uplifted, that someone is inspired. If I can do that then I’m living my dream 😉


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