FUNKADELIC FRIDAYS: The Reason My Pen Rings!


The Reason My Pen Rings

Someone asked a question

Why does my pen ring?

When I put my pen to paper

What do I really mean?

Someone may be wondering

Why the need to write,so strong?

At times I get distracted

To things that pass along.

I write, it makes me happy.

I write, it makes me free

I put my thoughts to paper.

I have things to say.

For those who are familiar, this sounds similar to the Kirk Franklin song, “The Reason Why I Sing.”  We had an activity where we had to take an existing song and make it our own.  That exercise had a greater impact on me than I initially realized.  When given this assignment to give the reason why I write, this exercise immediately came to mind.

Writing gives me a release that singing does not.  It is also a form that requires others to take me and my thoughts seriously.  So . . .  when you are asked the question “why do you whatever”, look them in their faces and say that you do it because it makes you happy. Have a freeing FUNKADELIC FRIDAY!!!!




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