Divert, Defend, and Denial – A Society With Eyes on the Wrong Target

These three words are running through my blood today and the topic of the week for this little group of writers I am in is “Out.Rage.Us.” A variety of vantage points are expressed and it’s a wide-open area for people to write about things that they see or witness around the world that may trouble them.

To be quite honest, I was struggling with how to focus my attention on some global matter when all the work going on for me is very personal, or relates directly to my relationship…and the writing’s from our own blog site, Solgave,  have almost exclusively been about personal growth, transformation, struggles and how we overcame them and are always stronger on the other side of the storm.

So with a deep exhale, and a step outside to feel the light snow (yes, snow again) and cold air on my face, I closed my eyes for one minute.

“Think Jared” What is happening around you that doesn’t feel right or feels worthy of a small vent? Hmmmm.

Then a quick look at the news around the world I do spot something that has been on my mind.

Brian Williams is a journalist who has faced intense scrutiny over his memory or embellishments of a story during his time out in the field during the war in Iraq.

Now, Bill O’Reilly, a politically drawn adversary and likely target from the left is now under the gun for similar reasons.

Let me be clear before I try to be somewhat objective, I am not a fan of Fox News or Bill O’Reilly but in this piece I am going to defend him. (And Brian Williams)


Divert, Defend, and Denial. Hang with me on this.

These three things are embedded in the consciousness of most of humanity and we get a real glimpse of that through both the media’s and our own visceral reaction to these gentleman’s false memories, embellishments, or straight out lies.

Brian William’s is suspended for six months, and O’Reilly’s fate will be decided in the coming days as more details will emerge about several contradictory “memories” he wrote about and has talked about during his time in the Falklands.

I am a firm believer in journalistic integrity and I don’t think embellishments or lies are appropriate or should even be accepted by journalism. We live in an era where the art of real journalism is a dying breed.

So I am not CONDONING this behavior in any way. It’s our REACTION TO IT that I am not cool with.

So much so, I am defending a man I loathe many nights, Bill O’Reilly.

When I try to wrap my head around the problems of the world this constant media attention is giving these two in our pop culture, 60-second sound bite attention span struggling society…I sigh.

The struggles and pains of the 100,000 pilgrims in India who died last year and through a new friend of mine, I recently got a real world account that took that number to a real experience and emotions that are needed to share in that pain and seek solutions to those problems. Not my problem, no need to seek solutions, right? Wrong.

We are all in this together! Like it or not, we are IN THIS TOGETHER.

I look at the trash at the bottom of the sea, or floating on the top, the huge plastic lake, the land fills and waste, and it almost breaks me.

The ecological disaster and impending potential doom we selfish, self-seeking, DEFEND, DIVERT, AND DENIAL based society we live in is spooky to me. The power of the few man. They few that stand to gain the most. What about the masses? What about the ones who can’t fight for themselves?

We see it on the government level. Oh look over there (insert one of hundreds of bills passed slyly so we can’t react why we scoff at Kanye and Kim)

Sports, which I grew up loving, are also an issue. Listen, it helped me get confidence, have mentors in my life throughout all of childhood, learn discipline, have great peers…. But it’s also a diversion for grown people that don’t want to think about those dying around us or major problems that need collective solutions.

So why am I outraged? And how do I tie the news anchors and their stretching the truth on where they were to something that I defend?

Because it shouldn’t be every water cooler conversation! We were lied to about getting into Iraq. We are lied to everyday.

We are fighting over the concept of GMO’s and red states and blue states and my god, the issues with the LGBT community (which I support strongly) are also getting railed right now. Oklahoma is rewriting history books. There is MUCH to be fighting for, but these two guys? SMH

You want to get pissed off?

21,000 people died TODAY according to UN stats because of hunger. HUNGER.

As we push big plates of leftovers into the trash and watch restaurants do the same. So many have nothing, and so few have TOO MUCH in my opinion.

This world we live in is not perfect. Neither am I, nor you…but we can do better.

And that can begin with acknowledging journalists should be honest and do their job, and then let it rest.

Diversion, Defense, and Denial are survival mechanisms but they don’t have to rule us.

I am one man trying to make a difference in a very messy world and the best way I can do that is to spend 24 hours working on me every single day…. and then wake up and do it again.

Lay off these two, don’t dwell or lament…but THINK ABOUT 21,000 THAT DIED OF HUNGER TODAY, think of the ECOLOGICAL DISASTERS HAPPENING AROUND US because of our greed, and short-term vision.

THESE THINGS should anger us. Brian Williams? Bill O’Reilly? Let their supervisors make that call and let’s do a gut check on what really matters in our own life and the one that we will leave for our children.

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