Havana Sundaes: The Bond

Love is something beautiful that can take so many forms and connects two people stronger than blood, circumstance, or conscious thought.

It is the parent’s bond, the sibling’s bond, the lover’s bond, the friendship bond.  This bond is made out of stronger stuff than any man made material.  It has waged wars, it has brought peace when there was none to be had, it has written stories and changed the face of time.

Love is something only definable by the absence of it in your life, due to death or a separation of some sort that can not be undone.  Even then the love does not fade or lose strength, we must only adapt and move on without the soothing calm of reciprocation.

When I am dead and gone and the world continues to roll on, my only prayer is that I have shared this love in all its forms, even as it hurts when I must also let it go.  It is the bond that makes us truly immortal, not money or fame.

One thought on “Havana Sundaes: The Bond

  1. Love is truly transcendent. The love of Christ gives us the ability to feel and exhibit that love that transcends all bounds and makes unbreakable bonds. Lovely. Malinda


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