The Anti-Tribute For Folks Most Commonly Referred to as Haters

Sitting on my stool tonight, working my maker magic to create my own LED light pendant, reveling in the power that comes with learning to do things for myself, I paused to reflect on a special group of people without whom I would never have accomplished the things God has placed before me to do…

my haters.

The leader of the pack was the elementary teacher who asked me to leave his erector set class because I kept answering his questions and “made the boys uncomfortable”. (I was the only female in the class). This man could not have possibly known that I would take his ignorance, twist and mold it into the motivation I needed to succeed.

I thought about the pack of girls who tried to make me feel like there was something wrong with me because I preferred to play kickball and build snow castles with the boys because they were more competitive and I thrive in competition.

I thought about every man who ever tried to tell me to stick to “woman’s work” and leave the heavy lifting to the men.

I thought on these things, smiled and went right back working with my solder iron and LED light.



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