Can anyone we know ever truly be lost?

I remember a little girl in a red dress with Christmas colored ribbons in her Afro puffed hair. Walking down an aisle with a flower basket, proudly petaling the ground for the bride-to-be, the woman who on that day became my Aunt Prudence almost 30 years ago.

I remember this big-hearted, soft-spoken woman who always had a kind word and the most caring eyes I have ever seen. I don’t remember any other woman my Uncle Cecil may have dated, but I knew from the way he looked at her that day as she walked down the aisle towards him that she was the one that mattered

And they never stopped standing by each other, through trials and tribulations of which they had more than their fair share until yesterday morning when weary from her struggle with cancer, my Aunt surrendered her spirit to the Lord.

I saw her last at my grandmother’s home going two months ago and I knew something was going on but my feeling was confirmed when once we returned home Prudence sent us an email letting us know that she was about to begin treatment.

I hate the way that cancer can try to steal from us the chance to spend time with our loved ones. There are years that I feel owed with my Aunt. But at the same time, I’m glad that I didn’t put off spending time with her when I could.

I remember during one of my last visits to DC for work, I found out that Cecil and Prudence were in DC a the same time. Terrance was with me and we decided to “find” my Aunt and Uncle. We hooked up and had a great time talking about the world and all we hoped to see happen in it.

It is because I remember these things that I can’t say that I’ve lost my Aunt. No one can take away what I know and feel for this remarkable woman, not even death.

I celebrate her life, her love and the special place she occupies in my heart.


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