Scholastic Saturdays: living the dream

It seems that the majority of my posts have to do with education. Given that it is my area of expertise I am not surprised on the abundance of education themed posts. This week marked the celebration of Martin Luther King and we were tasked with writing a post with him in mind.

Given that most national heroes tend to be sanitized by historians and governments via the process of hegemony – it is of no surprise to me that there is a lot the public including myself do not know about MLK.

Education has long been associated with the civil rights movement. Many believe that equity through education can mean the difference for many. Perhaps this positivistic view on society is outdated given what we know about inequality and how those with the “power” have nothing to gain from the masses or the 98% being able to do better financially and so it is in their interest to hinder social progress for the many.

There are many things I admire about Martin Luther King Jr. His view on the goal of education as process for critical thought and intelligence as character builders goes against the grain. To have critical thinkers, people who question and who do not blindly accept what is sold to them is what I feel MLK was hoping for. Intellectual rebellion. Feeling ones mind of the cycle and so working to free one’s life from the grind. When you know better you are able to understand why some choose the ignorance. How others benefit from the ignorance of others and so they want that veil to stay in place.

Take a peek behind the curtain and you shall see the reality of many.


I view MLK’s view on education to be not what happens in classrooms but rather what occurs everyday in our lives. We must be intelligent in our thoughts, our choices. We must question what is of worth and what is not. What we want versus what we need. It is our jobs to liberate ourselves for unless we are “free” we cannot be examples of wise living for our friends, families, and those who look to us for guidance. Heavy stuff man, heavy stuff.

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